How do I edit my Dolly?


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    Debbie Kissman

    My helper, Victor, and his helper did not arrive on time.  I contacted him a little before he was to show, and he texted he would be a little late due to a tire issue.  I thanked him for letting me know.  An hour later, they still were not here, and I had people at my house to help load trucks with other things and unload on the other end.  They could not wait longer than 11:00, so we started moving furniture downstairs (that Dolly was to move for us).  We have moved all furniture out of the house, are loaded, and getting on the road (an hour drive).  I expect not to be charged for today's Dolly (DK277969) and that the hold on my account will be released.  Please contact me to confirm I will not be charged.  512.796.7423  Debbie Kissman


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